MineralisCollage  Zine: MINERALIS: Stories of a spirit unfixed; women worth freeing; mountainous divulgence; menstruation. A collection of five pieces in a 48-page zine. Presented by In Solace Publishing and Snakeroot Works. To purchase, visit the store.

SH/Hissing  Text: Sutekh Hexen & Hissing SPLIT

AIXELA ESOTERRA 3  Performance, with Cruor Incendia and Soriah: AIXELA.

18423140_1527211077312242_6419887452479779559_o  Photography and text for Kevin Gan Yuen’s: UNCLOAKED INFINITE.

AixSDX3  Performance at ShadowDance X: Aixela.

Alaric Adore Screencap
Video: With Lara Miranda, co-directed the music video for Alaric’s ADORE.

Premonition Still  Video: Had the honor and pleasure of collaboration with Kevin Gan Yuen at San Francisco’s Amnesia. He performed a live-score to my latest video piece, Premonition.

TxRxP  Text: Printed on the limited edition shirt within The Totality of Death boxset from Trepaneringsritualen.

PenumbraeQuad  Co-editor of and contributor to PENUMBRAE, an anthology of occult fiction from Three Hands Press; available here.

AmodaliTHP  Collaborative Interview with Robert Fitzgerald and Daniel A. Schulke for Three Hands Press: Amodali Zain - For the Wine of the Cup is the Blood of the Saints

BarrenHarvest  Sigils: Barren Harvest’s Beautiful Flowers available from Black Horizons.

SutekhHexenOHYS  Text: Sutekh Hexen and Trepaneringsritualen’s One Hundred Year Storm.

THPPentagram  Image: Garment design for Three Hands Press

SutekhHexenBecome  Photography: Sutekh Hexen’s Become CD and EP

SutekhHexenMOD  Photography: Sutekh Hexen’s Monument of Decay CD and EP

Clavis  Launch Party: Clavis Journal in Los Angeles, California


Past Readings:

Saturday, 22 December at Cryptatropa: Halcyon Yule MMXII (Olympia, WA) as These Knives Exhale

Sunday, 27 May MMXII at Close: Very, Very Close (Los Angeles, CA)

Sunday, 13 May MMXII at REDCAT (Los Angeles, CA)

Sunday, 06 May MMXII at Concord Space (Los Angeles, CA)

Thursday, 26 April MMXII at California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, CA)